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Our manuals are the product of 20+ years of practical experience and cover a wide range of much needed cleaning information to suit individuals and businesses alike. You can gain this knowledge straight away without the substantial time and expense invested.

Available either as an instant downloadable PDF file or a printed A4 spiral-bound book.

Welcome to the World of Books from Donna Jean. Hello, my name is Donna Jean. I created this website in order to acquaint you with the best books in PDF format. We use conventional books less and less every year. Technological progress does not st and still and obviously, in a short time, the paper-bound books will be out of style completely.

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Step 11: Clean, ventilate and dry the body cavity. Prop open the body cavity with a clean stick or branch. Remove all visible dirt, feces, hair, and bloodshot areas. Clean out entrail residue and drain excess blood. Step 12: Wipe the inside of the body cavity with a dry cloth or paper towels. Old Town Owner's Manual Download PDF iPilot Remote Manual Download PDF Quick Start Guide: Sportsman AutoPilot & 106 Powered by Minn Kota Download PDF Manufacturer's Statement of Origin to a Boat Download PDF Serial Number Location Download PDF Minn Kota Battery Charger Download PDF Malone WideTrak ATB Download PDF Malone WideTrak.

The Cleaning Information Cards (CIC) are a handy set of printable guides, covering all areas of cleaning from window cleaning to cleaning with a floor buffer/scrubber.

These cards are fully customisable to your own colour-coding system, your own detergent and dilution and even your choice of equipment. All you do is simply tick the appropriate PPE and colour code tick box, and type in the equipment and detergent you use (including the dilution) in the relevant text boxes.

How to Start a House and Office Cleaning Business

This manual covers all the basic ways of house cleaning and office cleaning and includes carpet and window cleaning as well as stripping and sealing vinyl floors.

Change Management in Cleaning

This manual shows you exactly what to do, in a logical sequence of steps, to turn around even the most failing cleaning system and keep it working well for years to come.

Free Pdf Repair Manuals Downloads

How to Clean your Boat...

This manual gives you full professional cleaning information for cleaning a boat (or a caravan, car, RV, or even light aircraft) of any size or shape.

The Complete Sales & Marketing

The indispensable and unique sales and marketing course for your small service business or cleaning business. The complete sales & Marketing course is made up of three parts: Sales, Marketing and Customer Care.


How to Master Builder's & Post Construction Cleans

After the builder’s and shopfitters have finished, someone has to clean up to get the site to absolute perfection, this manual teaches you this highly profitable side of commercial cleaning.

Cleaning Business Survival Guide

The complete cleaning business survival guide is made up of two parts: Part 1 is all about how to set up and run your own cleaning business. In the second part of this two part series, we show you how to succeed in your cleaning business.

Window and Carpet Cleaning

First off, we take you back to the basic and tried and tested technique for cleaning windows. In much the same way as the window cleaning section, the carpet cleaning section introduces you to a systematic approach to carpet cleaning.

Ron's Guide to Housework and Cleaning

This is only for householders and not commercial cleaners.

This volume of secret strategies for housework is destined for those homeowners who just find themselves up to the neck in housework, dogs and kids – It’s difficult!

  • The Cleaning Business in a Box (Domestic)
  • The Complete Cleaning Product And Detergent Bundle

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A Manual For Cleaning Women Pdf Free Download Windows 10