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Accelerate your application development and cloud migrations with Excel Softsources—one of the leading software and IT staff augmentation companies.

Innovate. Accelerate. Win.

  • 30% savings on labor costs. Nearshore software development provides you with competitive and affordable rates without having to sacrifice quality.
  • Unlike Off-shore development, we work during U.S. business hours. No more late-night phone calls!
  • Industry Leading Developer Tenure. Our development teams are up to date on the latest software technologies and trends. As a result, you get a competitive edge in the ever changing technology world.
  • Our nearshore software development staff is located in San José Costa Rica, Headquartered in St. Paul, MN. This provides you with a seamless cultural transition.
  • Developers are trained in agile development providing you with the most control of your project and nearshore team.
  • Our company values transparency, honesty, and professionalism. As a result, we build strong relationships with our clients.

Bringing Teams Together to Transform Companies

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Excel SoftSources helps you move forward on your ideas, whether big or small. We help you realize these aspirations by assembling dedicated and high-skilled IT and software development teams from nearshore outsourced experts in Costa Rica.

The Software We Service

We’re proud to offer our expertise in these programs and more!

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What to Expect with Excel SoftSources

Working with Excel SoftSources offers a simple solution to your IT and software outsourcing needs. The benefits speak for themselves:

Delivering Evil For Experts PDF Free Download

Here’s what nearshoring in Costa Rica offers:

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  • Developers that work when you do (thanks to Central Time Zone)
  • Employees that understand American customers and American customs
  • English-fluent workers with whom you can maintain clear communication
  • A work culture that is incredibly similar to the U.S., allowing you to have uniform expectations of work habits

Long Term Partnership and Loyalty

Excel SoftSources provides expert, dedicated employees loyal to long-term engagements. Our average partnerships last over 6 years, proving we can effectively build strong and sustainable relationships with our business partners.

Agile Methodologies

Delivering Evil For Experts Pdf Free Download Free

We’ll make your projects more agile by applying flexible goals, quick turnaround times on updates, and constant communication with regular meetings.


Budget-Friendly Services

No matter how innovative a solution seems, you want to control your costs and stay under budget. Fortunately, our clients save an average of 30% on their direct labor costs without having to sacrifice any quality.

Educated Experts

You can rest easy knowing your software projects are in the hands of informed experts—our software developers constantly stay up to date on the latest software technologies and trends.