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Graves and Corcoran (1989) have suggested that the real knowledge in the field of nursing is: “simultaneously the laws and relationships that exist between the elements that describe the phenomena of concern in nursing (factual knowledge) and the laws or rules that the nurse uses to combine the facts to make. The first field is for the Entity Name and the system will automatically fill that in. Unless you have one Cemetery, the second field should be named Cemetery. You can name your partitions whatever you wish, we have used blocks, lots, sections and plots as examples. As you can see, we have one cemetery that breaks down into Sections and plots.

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Electromagnetic Field Theory as one file: (PDF 1 of 3 - 3.9MB)(PDF 2 of 3 - 3.2MB)(PDF 3 of 3 - 3.3MB)

Electromagnetic Field Theory Textbook Components

Course schedule.
Front-End Matter

Title page (PDF)

Dedication (PDF)

Preface (PDF)

Note to the student and instructor (PDF)

Table of contents, ix-xix (PDF)

Title page 2 (PDF)

Solutions to selected problems, pp. 699-710 (PDF)

Index, pp. 711-723 (PDF)

Useful equations and constants (PDF)

Chapter 1: Review of Vector Analysis, pp. 1-48 (PDF)

1.1 Coordinate systems, pp. 2-7

1.2 Vector Algebra, pp. 7-16

1.3 The gradient and the del operator, pp. 16-21

1.4 Flux and divergence, pp. 21-28

1.5 The Curl and Stokes' theorem, pp. 28-39

Problems, pp. 39-48

Sections 1.1-1.5 (PDF)

Problems (PDF)

Chapter 2: The Electric Field, pp. 49-134 (PDF - 8MB)

2.1 Electric charge, pp. 50-54

2.2 The Coulomb force law between stationary charges, pp. 54-59

2.3 Charge distributions, pp. 59-72

2.4 Gauss's law, pp. 72-84

2.5 The electric potential, pp. 84-93

2.6 The method of images with line charges and cylinders, pp. 93-103

2.7 The method of images with point charges and spheres, pp. 103-110

Problems, pp. 110-134

Sections 2.1-2.7 (PDF)

Problems (PDF - 2.7MB)

Chapter 3: Polarization and Conduction, pp. 135-256 (PDF - 1.9MB)

3.1 Polarization, pp. 136-152

3.2 Conduction, pp. 152-161

3.3 Field boundary conditions, 161-169

3.4 Resistance, pp. 169-173

3.5 Capacitance, pp. 173-181

3.6 Lossy media, pp. 181-197

3.7 Field-dependent space charge distributions, pp. 197-204

3.8 Energy stored in a dielectric medium, pp. 204-213

3.9 Fields and their forces, pp. 213-223

3.10 Electrostatic generators, pp. 223-231

Problems, pp. 231-256

Sections 3.1-3.10 (PDF - 1.4MB)

Problems (PDF)

Chapter 4: Electric Field Boundary Value Problems, pp. 257-312 (PDF)

4.1 The uniqueness theorem, pp. 258-259

4.2 Boundary value problems in Cartesian geometries, pp. 259-271

4.3 Separation of variables in cylindrical geometry, pp. 271-284

4.4 Product solutions in spherical geometry, pp. 284-297

4.5 A numerical method-successive relaxation, pp. 297-301

Problems, pp. 301-312

Sections 4.1-4.5 (PDF)

Problems (PDF)

Chapter 5: The Magnetic Field, pp. 313-392 (PDF - 1.2MB)

5.1 Forces on moving charges, pp. 314-322

5.2 Magnetic field due to currents, pp. 322-332

5.3 Divergence and curl of the magnetic field, pp. 332-336

5.4 The vector potential, pp. 336-343

5.5 Magnetization, pp. 343-359

5.6 Boundary conditions, pp. 359-361

5.7 Magnetic field boundary value problems, pp. 361-368

5.8 Magnetic fields and forces, pp. 368-375

Problems, pp. 375-392

Sections 5.1-5.8 (PDF)

Problems (PDF)

Chapter 6: Electromagnetic Induction, pp. 393-486 (PDF - 2.7MB)

6.1 Faraday's law of induction, pp. 395-405

6.2 Magnetic circuits, pp. 405-417

6.3 Faraday's law for moving media, pp. 417-435

6.4 Magnetic diffusion into an ohmic conductor, pp. 435-451

6.5 Energy stored in the magnetic field, pp. 451-460

6.6 The energy method for forces, pp. 460-465

Problems, pp. 465-486

Sections 6.1-6.6 (PDF - 1.1MB)

Problems (PDF)

Chapter 7: Electrodynamics-Fields and Waves, pp. 487-566 (PDF - 1.2MB)

7.1 Maxwell's equations, pp. 487-490

7.2 Conservation of energy, pp. 490-496

7.3 Transverse electromagnetic waves, pp. 496-505

7.4 Sinusoidal time variations, pp. 505-520

7.5 Normal incidence onto a perfect conductor, pp. 520-522

7.6 Normal incidence onto a dielectric, pp. 522-529

7.7 Uniform and nonuniform plane waves, pp. 529-534

7.8 Oblique incidence onto a perfect conductor, pp. 534-538

7.9 Oblique incidence onto a dielectric, pp. 538-544

7.10 Applications to optics, pp. 544-552

Problems, pp. 552-566

Sections 7.1-7.10 (PDF)

Problems (PDF)

Chapter 8: Guided Electromagnetic Waves, pp. 567-662 (PDF - 1.6MB)

8.1 The transmission line equations, pp. 568-579

8.2 Transmission line transient waves, pp. 579-595

8.3 Sinusoidal time variations, pp. 595-607

8.4 Arbitrary impedance terminations, pp. 607-620

8.5 Stub tuning, pp. 620-629

8.6 The rectangular waveguide, pp. 629-644

8.7 Dielectric waveguide, pp. 644-649

Problems, pp. 649-662

Sections 8.1-8.7 (PDF - 1.5MB)

Problems (PDF)

Chapter 9: Radiation, pp. 663-698 (PDF - 3.8MB)

9.1 The retarded potentials, pp. 664-667

9.2 Radiation from point dipoles, pp. 667-681

9.3 Point dipole arrays, pp. 681-687

9.4 Long dipole antennas, pp. 687-694

Problems, pp. 695-698

Sections 9.1-9.4 (PDF)

Problems (PDF)


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