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  • Author : Penny Reid
  • Publisher : Cipher Naught
  • Release : 31 May 2016
  • ISBN : 9781942874195
  • Page : 370 pages
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stayed close to Mason’s room
because she was worried he’d be too hardheaded and proud to use the light when
he was finished. She knew a man like him was probably used to always being in
control, to having the upper hand in everything in his life. Right now he
probably felt weak, unable to have any kind of power over how things went.

the bathroom light when off, an alert that was different from if he’d just used
his call light on his bed, she stopped working on her paperwork and went into
his room. Her heart was beating fast, hard, and when he called out that she
could come in she had to take a deep breath.

room was humid, warm, and after a second of her vision clearing she swore
everything stalled in her when she saw Mason sitting there in nothing but a
pair of sweats. His chest was damp from the shower, and droplets of water
covered the hard, tattooed flesh. His nipple was pierced, and although he’d
been in the hospital for several weeks recuperating he was still so powerful.
She knew he overdid it at times during PT, because of the note from the therapist.
Although she wanted to tell him he should take it easy, saying anything like
that to a man like Mason, a bear shifter, wouldn’t prove useful.

was when she realized that she’d been standing there staring at him for far
longer than was appropriate, that she felt her face heat and put her nurse
persona back on.

Grin and Beard It PDF Free download

you for using the light, Mason.”

was still looking at her, his dark hair short and slightly spiky around his
head, and the light coloring of his eyes were a contrast to the darkness that
seemed to surround him.

didn’t want to inconvenience you,” he said in a hard voice, but when he smirked
she couldn’t help but smile at his teasing.

would have preferred to be here before he’d gotten out of the shower, but he’d
put the light on regardless, and she knew for him that had to have been hard
tried not to stare at his chest, at
how big he was, how powerful. The Grizzly MC tattoo on the side of his ribs,
the ink angry, dangerous, and frightening in appearance, had this wave of
arousal slamming into her. God, she was losing it.

low sound that came from Mason had her snapping her attention to his face, her
eyes widening as she saw the lightness of his eyes suddenly become dark as
night. Even though she was just a human, she could sense his bear right there,
the animal watching her, staring back at her.

was then she realized he’d smelled her arousal, that he could sense that as
easily as he could see her inhaling and exhaling. Humiliation but also this
intense awareness came over her, and she actually took a step back. This
situation was inappropriate on her part, but it was also so confusing, so
consuming. Was the sound he made one of a warning because she was having this
pleasure course through her at looking at him? Or was it something else?

knock on the room door had her turning around, away from Mason and his godlike
physique, and tried to calm herself.

? Mason?” a man with a very deep voice called out.

on, you have visitors,” she said and cleared her throat, moved behind the
wheelchair, and started pushing him out of the bathroom. But before they walked
through the doorway he placed a hand on hers, turned slightly around, and
looked up at her.

,” he said her name so deeply, so harshly almost,
that her heart felt like it stalled in her chest.

could see his muscles tensing from the act of him moving on the chair, turning
to he could look at her. His eyes were still that black color, as if he
couldn’t control himself.

didn’t say anything though, just inhaled deeply, as if he were taking in all
the air, sucking it into his lungs until she thought she might pass out. It
felt like they stared like that for hours, looking at each other, neither one
speaking or moving, but finally when she heard more people come into the room,
more of them talking, she snapped out of this trance she was in and pushed him
into the room.

Grin And Beard It Pdf Free Download Free

me know if you need anything, Mason.”
couldn’t get out of there fast enough, and once she shut his room door and
could actually breathe again, she knew that being around Mason was making this
situation, making keeping her composure and self-control, feel like the hardest
thing she’d ever had to do.

you good?” Jaxson asked as he walked by, two IV bags in his hands and the
tubing draped over his arm.

licked her lips and nodded. “I’m good.”

looked at her for several more seconds, his eyebrows knitted, but he finally
gave a nod and moved on. She exhaled, turned from the door, and made her way
toward the nurses’ station. She could feel Mason’s gaze on her as if she were
staring right at him, their eyes locked.

Grin And Beard It Pdf Free Download Windows 7

was losing it, and she needed to get control. This was a dangerous slope she
was going down, and she didn’t want to face-plant when she hit the bottom.


Mason,” Gabriel said, his focus on
who could
be seen through the window in his room. She was over at the nurses’ station,
her back to them, and her hair in another long braid.

me want to get sick so I can have her as my nurse,” Link said.

can give me a sponge bath, maybe even throw in a fondle—”

the fuck up,” Mason said to Bodhi. “Show some damn respect.”

sat on the edge of the bed. “So I heard from your mom you get out the end of
the week?” Marcus asked.

nodded. “Yeah, thank fuck. I’m about done with this bullshit, although I’ll
have a lot of physical therapy to do.” The thing was he was glad he’d be
getting out of here, but the thought of not seeing
again had this tightening taking root in his gut. He pushed thoughts of the
female away, because he couldn’t worry about any of that.

look well, man,” Link said.

shrugged and said, “Thanks.” He didn’t feel like he looked well at all. He had
feeling in his legs, could walk with help, but it would still be hard for him
to do the shit he’d done before. He just had to make sure he worked hard, although
that wasn’t an issue because he had goals in mind, and nothing was going to
deviate from them.

room was silent for a second, and he scented everyone’s emotions. “
didn’t want to come down?” Mason asked, knowing that
the shit that happened between them was deep, but he’d hoped that
would have seen him after the accident. It had been
weeks, and his fellow Grizzly brother hadn’t come to see him at all.

was some shuffling of feet, some clearing of throats, and then Mason just felt
himself pull tighter, about to snap. “What the fuck?” he said to no one in

man, he left town a few weeks back, like right after the accident, to help
another charter. We don’t even know when he’s coming back.” Marcus was the one
to respond.

he know about the accident?”

all seemed to grunt in answer at the same time.

Grin And Beard It PDF Free Download

he can’t even call a brother?” Mason scrubbed a hand over his face, feeling his
annoyance over the shit that went down with
fading over the fact that even after everything
still didn’t want anything to do with him.

Grin And Beard It PDF Free Download

Grin And Beard It Pdf Free Download Windows 10

sure he’s just swamped. I wouldn’t worry about it.” Gabriel was the one to
answer, but no one responded after that. They all knew what the deal was
between them, because nothing in the club stayed a secret.

Grin And Beard It Read Online

“It is what it is, and I guess I’m just going
to have to fucking face the facts.” And those facts sucked, but he’d brought
them on himself.