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Incredible but true: You can buy a genuine nobility title right here.

Welcome to the Irish Lords of Kerry. Here you can actually buy a genuine Irish title. And not only that, you will also receive co-ownership of our land in Kerry, Ireland. We look forward to taking you here on an exciting and interesting discovery, at the end of which you will have the opportunity to call yourself Lord or Lady of Kerry in the future.

Jan 31, 2020 Contrary to what is usually known about titles of nobility, this lordship is not awarded by a king and then passed on to his descendants. It is tied instead to the ownership of the land and is automatically passed on to the new owner when the land is sold or inherited.

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As an additional service, you will receive a download link for your personalized certificates within 24 hours by email. So you can print them out and give them away while the original certificates are on their way to you in the mail. You will also find your booklet “The irish landlords” for to download as well. This little extra is completely free of charge.

What can I do with a title of ‘Lord’?

Apart from the great feeling of owning a small piece of land in Ireland, the title will bring you much pleasure. Just imagine what the framed certificate will look like on your wall at home and how many amazed looks it will attract. Everyone will ask you about it and you can proudly say that you own property in Ireland and are a true Irish Lord (or Lady). But the title is not only fun and enjoyable at home: you can also use it to order a table in a restaurant or to check into a hotel. We often hear from our customers that a restaurant suddenly turns out to have a table for his lordship after all, or that a free upgrade has been granted in the hotel. Wherever you appear with your title, people will perceive you in a completely different way. You will have a lot of fun and pleasure, which is exactly what this is all about.

How does it all work?

Contrary to what is usually known about titles of nobility, this lordship is not awarded by a king and then passed on to his descendants. It is tied instead to the ownership of the land and is automatically passed on to the new owner when the land is sold or inherited. This opens up, of course, unexpected perspectives for people like you and me who were not born into illustrious circles. Just buy a plot of land and ‘Lord’ or ‘Lady’ of Kerry are ready. The nice thing about it: the size of the land does not matter. So we own a small piece of land in Kerry, for which we sell you shared ownership. This joint ownership makes you a landowner. In Gaelic, the ancient language of Ireland, the word “Tirana” stands for both “landowner” and “lord”.

His lordship restaurant

Where is my property in Ireland?

Here, Your Lordship, you see the estate. On the left you see a meadow, where you will find the little plot you will be given shared ownership of. A beautiful piece of Ireland. Looking to the rear on the left you will see some tables and chairs where you are invited to sit down, order a wonderful Irish Guinness, and let your gaze rove across the landscape. On the right is an inn, which is also looking forward to your visit, and which offers the flair of a real Irish pub as well as beautiful guest rooms. Also enjoy the restaurant, or rent a boat and experience fly fishing directly at your country residence.

What do I get?

Besides the shared ownership of our land in Kerry you will receive a terrific package to document your new title of nobility with loads of information.

  1. Youwill receive a certificate of appointment on which we appoint you Lord or Lady.Here the shared ownership is confirmed, and also the right to call oneself Lordor Lady in the future. However, since the new title also affects yourrelatives, we will include a free second certificate with your partner’s nameon it. Your children will not be left out either: for a very small contributiontowards expenses you will also receive certificates for all your children. Ifyou would like to buy land and titles for a circle of friends, we will ofcourse gladly issue the certificates to other, non-family based names. You thenshare the property with your friends, but each one has their own deed.
  2. Thecertificates of appointment come in a beautiful presentation folder with thecoat of arms of the Lords of Kerry.
  3. Forthis purpose we send you our lovingly designed brochure, “The IrishLandlords”, with lots of information about your title, the land, Kerry and withan amusing little English-Irish phrase book. There is also a great recipeincluded, but we will not reveal this here, to leave a pleasant surprise tilllater.
  4. Shortlyafter your order you will receive the coat of arms of Kerry as a pdf file byemail. You can print this out immediately and, if you wish, frame it.

All certificates are in European format. The A4 size print measures 21.0 x 29.7cm, 8.27 x 11.69 inches, if mounted 30.3 x 40.6cm, 11.93 x 15.98 inches.

OK, I want to be a lord now!

That pleases us very much! Welcome to the Irish Lords of Kerry! In just a few steps you can now buy a small piece of land in Ireland online and become a Lord or Lady. The purchase is not connected with any follow-up costs or obligations. We will send you all documents and register them in our private land register. In just a few days you will receive your certificates of appointment together with all information in a great presentation folder.

More about Kerry, Ireland

The title Lord of Kerry is something really special and will make you a big star among friends. But the unique landscape surrounding your parcel of land that comes with the title also makes your land something special.

County Kerry is a particularly popular travel destination for tourists in Ireland. Not quite as wild as the northwest with its steep, windswept cliffs, this county nevertheless offers an impressive coastline with large rocks, small bays and the azure Atlantic Ocean. The Ring of Kerry, a 170 kilometre long scenic road along the coast, links a number of significant sights. Ireland boasts breathtakingly beautiful nature and a culture rich in tradition, whose witnesses you will encounter all over the island. Some examples are the picturesque landscape around Killarney and Killarney National Park as well as numerous monuments from prehistoric times such as ring forts, alignments, stone circles, and menhirs but also monasteries and churches dating back to early Christianity.

For a large part of your journey down the Ring of Kerry, you will be able to enjoy the view of the sea and the ever-changing coast. The interior of the land is characterised by mountains, sheep pastures devoid of humans and romantic heath land. When the weather is nice, you can take a boat from Portmagee to the rocky island of Skellig Michael, where one of the oldest monasteries from early Christianity is located. A cloister built in a similar architectural style can also be found on the peninsula Dingle.

Furthermore, Kerry is also known to to be particularly proud of the ancient Gaelic language and culture. For this reason, life in Kerry is still closer to the traditional Irish lifestyle than it is in most areas. If you don’t think driving down the Ring of Kerry is the right option for you but would rather explore the island on foot, Kerry has a lot to offer for you. So if you decide to purchase this nobility title, not only do you become an honourable Lord but you are also connected with the people, culture, and tumultuous ancient history of this island. Of course, like all our nobility titles, the title Lord of Kerry is primarily about having fun and feeling special. There are no privileges tied to this title. The land you purchase with this title is too small to construct a building of any kind and the right of use remains with the original owners. But we assure you that you will love your title nonetheless!

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His Lordship Title

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