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His Majesty Cologne

  1. (formal) A title of respect used when referring to a king.
  2. (informal,sarcastic) A sarcastic way of referring to any male who is (or is acting) pompous or bossy.

Usage notes[edit]

  • This is the third-person form of address to a king. The form used when addressing a king directly is Your Majesty.


  • Czech: Jeho Veličenstvom
  • Danish: Hans Majestæt
  • Dutch: Zijne Majesteit
  • Estonian: Tema Majesteet
  • Finnish: Hänen Majesteettinsa
  • French: Sa Majesté(fr)f
  • German: Seine Majestät(de)
  • Greek: Μεγαλειότατος(el)m(Megaleiótatos), Αυτού Μεγαλειότητα(Aftoú Megaleiótita)
  • Italian: Sua Maestà
  • Khmer: ព្រះករុណា(km)(preah kənaa), ព្រះឱង្ការ(km)(preah aongkaa)
  • Latin: rex(la)
  • Malay: Kebawah Duli Yang Maha Mulia
  • Norwegian: Hans Majestet
  • Polish: Jego Królewska Mość
  • Portuguese: Sua Majestade
  • Romanian: Majestatea Sa
  • Russian: Его́ Вели́чествоn(Jevó Velíčestvo)
  • Sanskrit: महाराजाm(mahārājā), राजादिm(rājādi), राज गंभीर(rāja gaṃbhīra), राज मार्थाण्डm(rāja mārthāṇḍa), राजन्(sa)m(rājan)
  • Spanish: Su Majestad
  • Swedish: Hans Majestät
  • Volapük: himayedal

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His Majesty' S Dragon Pdf free. download full

Third person - female (Her)Third person - male (His)Second person (Your)Third person - plural (Their)
Her Britannic MajestyHis Britannic MajestyYour Britannic Majesty
Her ExcellencyHis ExcellencyYour Excellency
Her HighnessHis HighnessYour Highness
Her Imperial HighnessHis Imperial HighnessYour Imperial Highness
Her Imperial MajestyHis Imperial MajestyYour Imperial Majesty
Her MajHis MajYour Maj
Her MajestyHis MajestyYour MajestyTheir Majesties
Her Royal HighnessHis Royal HighnessYour Royal Highness
Her Royal MajestyHis Royal MajestyYour Royal Majesty
His Majesty's Dragon PDF Free Download

His Majesty's Dragon PDF Free Download

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