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Memo 47 Contact Report 770 English German Get some “billy meier books pdf” and other related pdfs on this page. FIGU in a nutshell 49 bullet points about FIGU pdf document Goblet of The Truth We Came From The Stars, And Then From Mars Space Related Excerpts (PIOOSR)(from most of 622 out of 720 contact reports.). Point of Contact Portal 1.0 Portal 2.0 Risk Assessment The Point of Contact (POC) is any person listed as a contact in C ‐TPAT's Portal system. These POCs are the only people authorized to work with the C‐TPAT program on the company's behalf. Points of Contact must be empowered to make.

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Jack arrived at the second floor with Lian on his hip and processed through the security desk, where they were met by Dr. Chen Tao. A smile creased her round, pleasant face as she extended her right hand to Jack; her other hand held a tablet. Jack noticed a bulge in one of her jacket pockets.

“A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Ryan. Please, follow me.”

The third floor was divided into three sections separated by security glass and passcodes like the floor below, but this place looked like a Hollywood production studio—which essentially it was.

After leaving the security station, Dr. Tao led them through the central section with video-editing bays in the offices and software programming stations on the floor.

Jack passed a workstation where three earnest programmers argued passionately over the densely packed lines of code on the screen. Jack felt the energy in the room all around him, full of creative and brilliant young minds attacking problems he could barely understand.

Dr. Tao pointed out graphic designers, artists, mathematicians, software developers, and even a few physicists as they walked by. She asked Jack, “What do you know about VR—virtual reality?”

“It’s the next big thing in video gaming.”

“Why do you suppose that is?”

“Obviously because it makes games seem more realistic.”

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“And it does. The challenge all VR programmers face is this: Is there a way to make virtual reality so realistic that it’s no longer possible to discriminate between the virtual and the real?”

Dr. Tao slid her pass card into the reader for the glass door leading to the rear section of the floor.

“Is that even possible?” Jack asked. “By definition, ‘real’ means that which actually exists. How can software and sensors ever be as ‘real’ as reality?”

Dr. Tao pulled open the door and pointed them through a blackout curtain. “I suppose that depends upon your definition of reality.”

“You sound more like a philosopher than a computer programmer.”

Point Of Contact PDF Free Download

“One of my undergraduate degrees was in psychology, actually. I’ve found it to be extraordinarily useful in my present position.”

“How so?”


“Psychology is the study of the human mind. The whole point of computer programming is to mimic the mind and when possible, exceed it, in order to improve the human condition.”

“Exceed the mind? You mean artificial intelligence,” Jack said.

“Yes. AI and machine learning are transforming everything, from simple devices like home thermostats to combat technologies on the battlefield. AI is central to our VR and AR development.”

Contacts apps free download

“AR—augmented reality?”

“Exactly. Between you and me? I think AR will be much bigger than VR in the coming years.”

“Because AR is an overlay of reality, and easier to create?” Jack offered.

Dr. Tao nodded approvingly. “You catch on quickly, Mr. Ryan. Ever considered a career change?” She opened the security door and led them into the third section of the floor. It was an open area divided in two by a thick curtain. The first part of the open area was a high-tech movie theater with luxurious recliners and a massive 4K monitor on the wall.

“Sometimes it’s better to see the work you’ve created on a small monitor put up on the big screen,” Dr.

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