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2nd August 2021


IBExpert version 2021.08.01 now available

View all new features here: IBExpert documentation: What's New.

20th July 2021

IBExpert and Firebird News 7/2021

Topics include:

  • Current IBExpert version
  • Install Firebird 4 as an instance alongside your current Firebird version
  • Our Summer Offer IBExpert Developer Studio Software Subscription

13th July 2021

Firebird White Paper: Firebird 4 and IBExpert

by Fikret Hasovic, July 2021

The Firebird Pdf Free Download 64 Bit

Read our new White Paper introducing you to Firebird 4.0, along with tips about what to look out for, when upgrading to Firebird 4 from older versions.

Download the PDF here: White Paper: Firebird 4 and IBExpert

You can find all IBExpert White papers here: Database Technology Articles

1st June 2021

Firebird 4.0 has been released!

You can find all download packages here: https://firebirdsql.org/en/firebird-4-0/

Firebird 4.0 introduces new data types and many improvements without radical changes in architecture or operation, the most important are:

  • Built-in logical replication;
  • Extended length of metadata identifiers (up to 63 characters);
  • New INT128 and DECFLOAT data types, longer precision for NUMERIC/DECIMAL data types;
  • Support for international time zones;
  • Configurable time-outs for connections and statements;
  • Pooling of external connections;
  • Batch operations in the API;
  • Built-in cryptographic functions;
  • New ODS (version 13) with new system and monitoring tables;
  • Maximum page size increased to 32KB.

Link to the Firebird 4.0 Release Notes (along with all Firebird Release Notes) can be found in our online documentation here: Firebird documentation
Link to the Firebird 4.0 Language Reference (together with all Firebird Languages References) can be found in our online documentation here: Firebird SQL language references

26th May 2021

Firebird White Paper: Firebird 3 Stored Functions

by Fikret Hasovic, May 2021

Read our new White Paper explaining Firebird 3's stored functions and demonstrating how easy they are to implement in your database development.

Download the PDF here: White Paper: Firebird 3 Stored Functions

You can find all IBExpert White papers here: Database Technology Articles

The firebird pdf free download 64 bit

29th January 2021


IBExpert and Firebird News 1/2021

Our latest newsletter contains all topics related to our support, be it project support, training and education in the home office, monitoring, hotline support and much more.

21st December 2020

We are here for you!

There is still time to order your IBExpert software this year. For payments received today, the 21st December 2020, we will activate your product before the end of the year.

  • IBExpert & Firebird Hotline (for hotline/support appointments from 4th January 2021)

Is your software subscription about to expire? Please check our email reminder, which contains your order link.

Is your IBExpert Software Subscription still valid? Please take note of our reminder to renew your IBExpert Software Subscription, which you will receive by email 4 weeks before your software subscription expires. Your order link is included in this email.

1st December 2020

IBExpert Firebird IFS Server

30% discount on all newly purchased Firebird IFS basic rack servers IFS2020ML with Linux server operating system*

We offer Firebird servers, as they should be. We won't reveal the technology used, but the end result is unbeatable performance, because we know what we need to put in, in order to accelerate your work.

Start the new year with your new Firebird server plus remote maintenance and support. We support you with the server setup and are there for you in case of modifications requests, such as backup/restore schedules or any issues. With us you will not experience infinite loops but direct contact with our specialists.

You can order the latest generation of our Firebird IFS Rackservers 2020 as a basic version with Linux operating system. The Firebird IFS2020ML server basic version comes with 500GB SSD storage space. The IFS2020ML reliably achieves IBExpert benchmark values between 230% and 400% with the current Firebird 64-bit Linux version, and our pre-installed configuration has proven to be extremely fast and reliable.

The Firebird Pdf free. download full

We are happy to offer further Firebird IFS2020 servers to meet your requirements on request: [email protected]

We can analyse your current system within a short period of time and offer you a conversion to a high-performance system for the use of Firebird. Contact us and order your hotline credit. 60 minutes should be sufficient for an initial analysis: IBExpert and Firebird hotline - you can order here: https://order.shareit.com/cart/add?vendorid=24948&PRODUCT%5B300766149%5D=1.

* Our end-of-year offer is valid until 31.12.2020 (receipt of payment). Please send your effectual order with all requisite details by e-mail to [email protected]

4th November 2020

The Firebird Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader

Our new IBExpert and Firebird Forum is online - register now

All questions regarding the IBExpert software and the Firebird database are welcome.

In order to ensure basic protection against bots and the like, we have added a mandatory login authorization for access to the URL.

You can access the forum here: https://ibexpert.com/forum


You must enter the user name SYSDBA together with the default password m***y, familiar to all Firebird users, at least once before you can register or log in.

Once you have accessed the forum, you can then register using your own personal details.

If you need more information about the forum, or have any questions or requests, please contact us at [email protected]

6th March 2020

IBExpert Benchmark Tool - Free special version

Compare your computer performance and test the speed of your Firebird Windows server with the free IBExpert Benchmark Tool. ... continue reading.



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