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From Middle Englishhalf-süster, equivalent to half- +‎ sister. Compare Dutchhalfzus, halfzuster(half-sister), GermanHalbschwester(half-sister), Swedishhalvsyster(half-sister), Icelandichálfsystir(half-sister).


(pluralhalf sisters)

  1. A femalesiblingsharing a singleparent.
    Hypernym:half sibling
    Hyponym:uterine sister


  • Asturian: hermanastra(ast)f, mediohermana(ast)f
  • Breton: hanterc'hoarf
  • Catalan: germanastra(ca)f
  • Cebuano: hablos
  • Chinese:
    Mandarin: (maternal), 同母異父, 同母异父(tóngmǔyìfù)(+ words for elder/younger sister), (paternal)同父異母, 同父异母(tóngfùyìmǔ)(+ words for elder/younger sister)
  • Cornish: hanter-hworf
  • Danish: halvsøster(da)c
  • Dutch: halfzus(nl)f, halfzuster(nl)f
  • Finnish: siskopuoli, sisarpuoli
  • French: demi-sœur(fr)f
  • Galician: media irmáf
  • Georgian: ნახევარდა(naxevarda)
  • German: Halbschwester(de)f
  • Greek: ετεροθαλής αδελφήf(eterothalís adelfí)
  • Hindi: सौतेली बहनf(sautelī bahan)
  • Hungarian: féltestvér(hu)
  • Icelandic: hálfsystirf
  • Irish: leathdheirfiúrf, leasdeirfiúrf
  • Italian: sorellastra(it)f, mezza sorellaf
  • Japanese: (maternal)胤違い(たねちがい, tanechigai), 胤変わり(たねがわり, tanegawari), 異父(いふ, ifu)(+ words for elder/younger sister), (paternal)腹違い(はらちがい, harachigai), 畑違い(ja)(はたけちがい, hatakechigai), 異腹(ことはら, koto hara, いふく, ifuku), 異母(ja)(いぼ, ibo)(+ words for elder/younger sister)
  • Lithuanian: įseserėf
  • Macedonian: полусестраf(polusestra)
  • Manx: lhiass-huyrf, lieh-huyrf
  • Norman: d'mié-soeuf(Jersey)
  • Norwegian:
    Bokmål: halvsøsterm or f
    Nynorsk: halvsøsterf
  • Polish: siostra przyrodniaf
  • Portuguese: meia-irmã(pt)f
  • Romanian: soră vitregăf
  • Russian: (maternal)единоутро́бная сестра́(ru)f(jedinoutróbnaja sestrá), (paternal)единокровная сестра(ru)f(jedinokrovnaja sestra)
  • Scottish Gaelic: leth-phiutharf
  • Serbo-Croatian:
    Cyrillic: по̏лусестраf
    Roman: pȍlusestra(sh)f
  • Spanish: media hermanaf, hermanastraf
  • Swedish: halvsyster(sv)c
  • Urdu: سوتیلی بہنf(souteli behan)
  • Vietnamese: (maternal)(+ words for elder/younger sister)cùng mẹ khác cha, (paternal)(+ words for elder/younger sister)cùng cha khác mẹ
  • Welsh: hanner chwaer(cy)f
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  • Telugu: (please verify)సవతి సోదరి(savati sōdari)

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