The Limits Of The World PDF Free Download

The complete text of the original Limits to Growth study is now accessible for free online, thanks to a partnership between the Dartmouth College Library, Dennis Meadows, and the Sustainability Institute.

The Limits Of The World PDF Free Download

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The Limits to Growth, originally published in 1972, was a groundbreaking study that modeled the dynamics of our human presence on the planet. The team behind it, led by Dennis Meadows, found that continuing with a “business as usual” growth model would likely lead to environmental and economic collapse within a century. At the time, their discoveries sparked huge controversy among scientists, scholars, and the general public. In the decades since, those discoveries have been supported by patterns of growth, environmental health, and resource use.

The Limits Of The World PDF Free Download

Today, forty years after its release, The Limits to Growth remains an important resource for anyone hoping to understand more about the complex system that is our planet. We are honored and excited to make it freely available online. Each page of the publication has been carefully scanned and optimized for digital viewing, and all the original figures are included. The digital work has been assigned a Creative Commons BY-NC license, so we encourage you to download it and pass it along to your friends!

An HTML version of the study is also available, complete with in-line figures from the original study. The HTML document makes it easy to download individual graphs and charts and to quickly search the text of the document for keywords and phrases.

Thanks so much to the Dartmouth Library for their hard work making this amazing resource available to our online community! Even more information about the study, its authors, and the digitization project can be found at the Dartmouth College website.

The message of this book still holds today: The earth’s interlocking resources – the global system of nature in which we all live – probably cannot support present rates of economic and population growth much beyond the year 2100, if that long, even with advanced technology. In the summer of 1970, an international team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology began a study of the implications of continued worldwide growth. They examined the five basic factors that determine and, in their interactions, ultimately limit growth on this planet-population increase, agricultural production, nonrenewable resource depletion, industrial output, and pollution generation. The MIT team fed data on these five factors into a global computer model and then tested the behavior of the model under several sets of assumptions to determine alternative patterns for mankind’s future. The Limits to Growth is the nontechnical report of their findings. The book contains a message of hope, as well: Man can create a society in which he can live indefinitely on earth if he imposes limits on himself and his production of material goods to achieve a state of global equilibrium with population and production in carefully selected balance.

The Limits Of The World Pdf free. download full


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