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YEAR the end of his fifteenth orbit as Greenland slipped by noiselessly
below, he made the routine measurements that tested the operation of his
space capsule and checked the automatic instruments which would
transmit their stored data to Earth on his next pass over Control.
Everything normal; all mechanical devices were operating perfectly.
This information didn't surprise him, in fact, he really didn't even think

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about it. The previous orbits and the long simulated flights on Earth during
training had made such checks routine and perfect results expected. The
capsules were developed by exhaustive testing both on the ground and as
empty satellites before entrusting them to carry animals and then the first
He returned to contemplation of the panorama passing below and above,
although as he noted idly, above and below had lost some of their usual
meaning. Since his capsule, like all heavenly bodies, was stable in position
with respect to the entire universe and, thanks to Sir Isaac Newton and his
laws, never changed, the Earth and the stars alternated over his head
during each orbit. 'Up' now meant whatever was in the direction of his
head. He remembered that even during his initial orbit when the Earth first
appeared overhead he accepted the fact as normal. He wondered if the
other two had accepted it as easily.
For there had been two men hurled into orbit before he ventured into
space. Two others who had also passed the rigorous three-year training
period and were selected on the basis of over-all performance to precede
him. He had known them both well and wondered again what had
happened on their flights. Of course, they had both returned, depending
upon what your definition of return was. The capsules in which they had
ventured beyond Earth had returned them living. But this was to be
expected, for even the considerable hazards of descent through the
atmosphere and the terrible heating which occurred were successfully
surmounted by the capsule.

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